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RealtyTrust defines the disposition of real estate owned (REO) as the efficient sale of bank owned or foreclosed real estate to help mitigate the losses incurred by the defaulting of a mortgage loan. Our REO disposition services include auction accelerated marketing services, and all required title and curative work necessary to affect a successful and immediate sale. Our accelerated marketing services and closing speed (average 60 days) not only increases net realized returns by creating maximum awareness and building competition among potential buyers, but also lessens carrying cost and time associated with traditional real estate marketing. RealtyTrust has designed and implemented several progressive models for REO disposition and loss mitigation. Beyond the proven dispersal by auction, our services include turnkey and third party sales, which run concurrent with foreclosure, allowing lenders to avoid property ownership, costs and liabilities. We have successfully structured pre-foreclosure sales that have substantially mitigated potential loss and kept the lender out of title. Example: by utilizing the power of sale clause existing in many modern mortgages, and combining our accelerated marketing auction services along with the traditional notice requirements, many clients have achieved third party sales directly upon foreclosure. This new program has become a very effective method of handling REO inventory, while avoiding taking title and incurring further loss.

As with all our services, all upfront costs can be underwritten, or even waived, to further reduce client risk or meet other capital needs. These resources, as well as the inherent transparency of auction marketing, insure our clients of the most successful real estate transactions possible.

For more information contact: E. Dwight O’Neal , President and Managing Partner

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