Welcome to Realty Trust

RealtyTrust Auctioneers are now offering select properties at auction exclusively online. Current properites available for bidding are:


See the property information page to register to bid.


There are two ways to place a bid in an online auction:

  • Submit your bid directly.
    You will notice two windows where you may submit your bids on any item we are selling. If you wish to bid a specific amount on an item, enter that amount into the window on the left under the heading "Your Bid". Please note that your bid amount must match or exceed the amount displayed under "Next Bid Required".
  • Submit your maximum bid.
    Bids will be entered on your behalf, according to the standard bid increments, up to the amount of your maximum bid. The software will not allow you to bid against yourself and only advances the bid as others bid against you.

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