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RealtyTrust Auctioneers, LLC has formed strategic alliances with many industry leading companies in order to better serve the real estate auction community. As we thought about technology and the dominate role it would play within our company and service, we knew that only the most innovative partners would suffice. Thus, after a lengthy search process, we have partnered with 1100 Broadway to provide the complete marketing solutions essential in bringing a secure live auction to life.

1100 Broadway is a specialist in the world of digital and direct media. A one-stop-shop, they are a full-service agency with an extremely diverse team of talent and resources - all under one roof.

What makes them stand out?
Unlike traditional real estate marketing, which typically advertises to the masses, 1100 Broadway uses specific channels backed by top research and data to attract the correct buyer for your specific property. This equates to shorter selling times, a higher sales price and a streamlined, easy process without negotiations or sale contingencies. gl_square

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